Great Features

 Split timesheets Employee timesheets can cover multiple jobs, submitted at the same time or separately.

 Unlimited tax types Define your own income taxes and sales taxes. Income taxes are multi-band sliding-scale.

 Unlimited approval process Each job can have 0 approvers through to as many as you care to define. Each approver can have an unlimited number of delegates, only one of whom needs to approve/reject a timesheet. No more stalled approvals when somebody is absent!

 Once-only data entry Data is tracked from timesheet to payslip to invoice to superannuation statement.

Some of our history...

Etime Biz at WritersUA, Portland, USA

Etime Biz at AODC, Gold Coast, Australia

Timesheet >> Payroll >> Billing with no duplicated data entry

Great price

Join now and you can be using the ultimate web timesheet system in a few minutes. We invite you to research the opposition - most don't even tell you the price up front. Make sure you look for "day rates", "mileage", "expenses" and other features most of the free systems don't mention!

$0.00 per month Free with up to 20 members/5 jobs/30 timesheets per job, (no data import/export)

$19.00 per month Solo with up to 50 members/10 jobs/50 timesheets per job

$59.00 per month Lite with up to 100 members/20 jobs/100 timesheets per job

$199.00 per month Power with up to 500 members/100 jobs/500 timesheets per job

(You could pay $20 per employee per month at Astute Payroll, or $2 per timesheet at Replicon - that's potentially thousands of dollars per month!)

More than web timesheets

Etime Biz starts with timesheets and enables you to easily convert hours, day rates, expenses and more into payments and invoices. Based on real-world needs of small consultancies and recruitment agencies, years of development and patent-pending design have gone into the system.

From timesheet to contractor payment to customer billing, Etime Biz captures data once then automates workflow, calculations, notifications and reporting. Use it stand-alone or exchange data bidirectionally with MYOB.

Etime Biz breaks away from the simplistic paper timesheet metaphor, allowing income-taxed and sales-taxed contractors to be merged on the same invoices and to be paid in the same pay run.

Contractors can work on multiple jobs each day - Etime Biz tracks payments and invoicing, and provides an approval route for each job. Along with essential reporting, Etime Biz automatically generates and distributes payslips and superannuation statements, eliminating hours of "dead time" every week.

Everything is configurable

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to e-timesheet complexity. That's why you can set up Etime Biz to be exactly what you need.

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